electricbackroom and countertext

electricbackroom constitutes a self-determining vision of creativity, functioning as independent makers and promoter of artistic aspiration.

a creative intervention founded by artists Nigel Slight and David Rogers, electricbackroom is committed to artists and work that reflect the complexities of our diverse and ever evolving culture. the work of electricbackroom artists is becoming recognized for its inventive responses to a range of themes that defy simplistic categorization. electricbackroom is gaining a reputation for curatorial originality and innovative programming.

countertext is a collection of transmedia installations and events to complement the Bridport Literary Festival including painting, photography, sculpture, video, sound and performance, curated by David Rogers and Nigel Slight.

in 2011 we added special screenings at PVA MediaLab in Bridport of new works by Justin Bennett (NL), Duncan Whitley (London) and Joe Stevens (Weymouth). and a Thursday evening talk by Tess Ormrod (Hereford).

during the Bridport Festival of Culture 2012,  electricbackroom curated ‘counterspirit’ which included video and sound works by David Rogers, sculpture and street performance Nigel Slight, Laura Mulhern and Brendan Buesnel, performance poetry by Sally Crabtree and installations by Eva Fahle-Clouts.


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