friday 18th – saturday 26th november 2011
curated by David Rogers & Nigel Slight

Duncan Whitley: countertext11 launch event friday 18th at PVA MediaLab

Tess Ormrod: countertext11 talk thursday 24th at PVA MediaLab – Saurophagus Armageddenis: A Sixty Five Million Year Mystery.

Gym Bramham: installed at Fruits of the Earth

Gigi Sudbury: installed in Wild and Homeless Books

Tess Ormrod and Nigel Slight: installed in Wild and Homeless Books

Laura Mulhern, Ed Jones and Nigel Slight: installed in Vintage at Cornucopia

Ed Jones: installed in Fowler Hire and Sales

artist + proposed work + venue

download full programme [.pdf]:




Justin Bennett (NL): text based projection  / audio [23 mins]
Title: Raw Materials
Venue: LabCulture MediaLab

Justin Bennett’s sound archive is the departure point for his video piece ‘Raw Materials’, in which he explores the borders between a personal diary and fiction.


Eva Fahle-Clouts (local): photographic prints
Title: Walking the Earth
Venue: Bridport Arts Centre Foyer Gallery


Eva Fahle-Clouts (local): photographs and slide show
Title: between the lines
Venue: Bridport Arts Centre Café Gallery

between the lines I: always the same – for ever changing

intrigued by the changes observed by just looking out of my window I started photographing daily the same scene for ever changing.

between the lines II: travelling (pictured)

travelling home from Germany by train these lines in the sky caught my eye.


Duncan Whitley (London): text based projection with stereo audio
Title: G.D. Parada
Venue: LabCulture MediaLab

G.D. Parada is a new work by Duncan Whitley that draws on the subject of an amateur football team, ‘Grupo Desportivo de Parada’, in rural Portugal.

With delicately-crafted sound recordings and transcribed interviews as the driving, rhythmic body of the work, the artist places sound into new relationships with text and video images.  Whitley here explores spillages between the contemporary fields of art and ethnography:  with a particular focus on the rich, sensory world of sound.

Co-produced by

Marjorie Van Halteren (France): audio/video
Title: ‘French Summer’ – sonic poem
Venue: Bridport Old Books


Sandra Dawe (Weymouth): specimen draw (print and wooden draw)
Content/Reference: Specimen Books and collections
Venue: Bridport Old Books


Joe Stevens (Weymouth): video/audio [3mins]
Content/Reference: diplopia
Venue: LabCulture MediaLab

This is a film I’ve made about traveling with double vision, a condition I’ve had for awhile now. My left eye diverges from the right eye, which means that my brain “sees” double, or what they call ‘diplopia’. As my eyes no longer work together they see different images and my brain cannot comprehend the resulting information. This has led me to see things that aren’t there, resulting in my tripping over and walking into objects.

 In this new work I have continued my interest in creating moving pictures. Painters, photographers, and filmmakers have inspired its making and I have treated these animated landscapes as a simplified drawing. Trying to avoid putting in more than is necessary; I endeavour to balance the identity of the landscape, with the abstraction of the picture frame, reducing and simplifying the colour space.

The soundtrack is constructed from sounds I recorded inside the car; driving along different tarmac textures. I have also used a recording in a lay-by on the A30. These sounds have been mixed and heavily treated.

Joe Stevens (Weymouth): video/audio [11.26mins]
Title: Thunder
Venue: LabCulture MediaLab

An experimental piece that looks to visualise field recordings. The sound of rain and thunder is brought into Processing environment and the sounds are visualised in a number of different ways and then combined into one film.

This work uses the Processing environment to save audio data to text files. It then loads this text file, prepares and displays it.

Data conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways. Data conversions may as simple as the conversion of a text file from one character encoding system to another; or more complex, such as the conversion of office file formats, or the conversion of image and audio file formats.


Ed Jones (Weymouth): Mixed Media
Title: Golden Shower
Venue: Fowler Hire and Sales


Ivon oates (local): video/audio
Title: beware large breaking waves
Venue: Waterstones

reflecting myths and legends of sea and songs- sirens or sailors or signs? warnings and laments and tales of danger inscribing boundaries beyond which is dangerous terrain- no go areas – of the mind or the body?

our experience of the beach and the sea is the place of imagination, delight and dreams reinforced by childhood play and stories.

reality –  dream  dangerous imagination – exploration?

Janet Bicker (London): postcards
Title: say nothing
Venue: various

I have nothing to say, I am saying it, and that is poetry”.
John Cage

Narrative, in all its different forms – written, spoken, visual, tactile, musical/sonic, public and private – has always intrigued me.  This has led me to look at verbal/non-verbal narrative: speech and silence.   Most, if not all, face to face conversations are punctuated by gesture, changes in body language and by silences.  As creatures differentiated from the animal kingdom primarily by our ability to generate language, we are able to choose: speech or silence. When and why we choose speech over silence, or silence over speech is a matter for the individual.  The interpretation of our words, spoken or unspoken, however, lies with our audience. 

This piece consists of ‘suggested’ silences – selected from a wide range of possible sources – proposing that in many situations the best course of action could just be to say nothing.


Lesley Slight
(local): object
Title: Afghan Lamp
Venue: Malabar Trading

“A light in the dark”


Gigi Sudbury (local): video
Title: Sulphurous
Venue: Wild and Homeless Books

Antonin Artaud says,  ‘I have always been struck by the mind’s obstinancy in wanting to think in terms of measurement or areas, in fastening on arbitrary states of things so as to think.’ 


Gym Bramham: (Spain): 5 paintings
Title: The Amputatoe
Venue: Fruits of the Earth

“Food for thought”


Tess Ormrod & Nigel Slight (Hereford/local): text and object
Title: ‘Saurophagus Armageddenis: A sixtyfive million year mystery’
Venue: Wild and Homeless Books


Tess Ormrod Talk – Thursday 24 November 6.30 – 8pm
[talk: 7 – 7.30 | Q&A 7.30 – 8pm]
Venue: PVA MediaLab, 1 King Square, Bridport DT6 3QE


“The talk complements the display ‘Saurophagus armageddensis’ at Wild & Homeless Books, and is a chance to describe and discuss some of the implications of the exhibit.

We are told things about the Earth and its history: how do we react and why; what are the consequences; do we suspend our belief if the story is unpalatable? And a bit more about the demise of the dinosaurs and other creatures including Homo Sapiens.”

Tess Ormrod, October 2011


Andrea Crociani (local): intervention
Title: Temporary State of Mind #23
Venue: Bridport’s charity shops

On eBay I bought a few collectable antique postcards of Bridport, with dates ranging from 1903 to 1923. I then altered the postcards, making some very simple collages, and have hidden them inside books on sale in the town’s charity shops: a postcard for each shop. The work, kept anonymous, will be visible only to those who buy the books. 


Andrea Crociani (local): intervention
Title: Temporary State of Mind #24
Venue: Bridport Town Hall Clock

For the duration of Countertext the time displayed on the Town Hall Clock will be running either slow or fast by approximately 30 seconds.  


Carolyne Kardia (local): painting
Title: Marking Time
Venue: Good News

“stillness, concentration, hands shaping time, held by place,

holding…always with us, against us…impending cuts…  unreturning time.”


Ed Jones, Laura Mulhern, Nigel Slight (Weymouth/local): video/audio
Title: Bank Job
Venue: Vintage at Cornucopia

“Save Our Souls”


David Rogers (local): site-specific audio
Title: Endangered Sounds1
Venue: Bridport Record Shop

supported by Labculture Ltd. (PVA MediaLab) and Bridport Arts Centre

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